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Oh you guys I had the greatest fun today visiting @caglakubatwindsurfacademy and trying windsurfing for the very first time with the amazing @talat_tur1000 , our great instructor @theberkb and my sister @sofyakhoreva ! ???????? Definitely so proud of checking it off of my bucket list but for sure not so proud of how I did it cause literally I looked so embarrassing! ???? Seems so easy looking at the pros - you just grab a sail and start riding the wind and then you’re ready to do all those tricks and careen between the waves like if you’re flying ???? But... First 10 minutes I was totally disoriented and couldn’t understand a tiny thing of how it all works! ???? The people were telling me “go upwind”, “keep the mast straight”, “open the sail a little bit, now close” and I was like WHAT? ???????? But after a while I think I figured it out a bit but still oh my gosh - BALANCE! So hard to change the direction and to even make any steps! ????????‍♀️ But guys I have to say I loved trying it sooooooooo much! The feeling of your body being this only connecting link between the sail, the board, the water and the wind - incredible! ????????❤️ I’d probably really want to do windsurf more whenever I have a chance. That was a really interesting day I’ll remember for a long long time! ☀️ I want to say a huge thanks to the great @tansagturk and @elena_sagturk for the opportunity!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Have a fabulous day dears ???? #mariakhoreva P.S. Arabesque on a surf board so not obvious ????

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