«Ромео и Джульетта». Английский национальный балет


Rudolf Nureyev’s production of Romeo & Juliet with Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández as the star-crossed lovers.

Enjoy our premiere with our partners Google Arts and Culture and YouTube, beginning on Wed 6 May 7pm BST and available until Fri 8 May 8pm BST.


Choreography Rudolf Nureyev

Music Sergei Prokofiev

Design Ezio Frigerio

Lighting Tharon Musser

Restaging Élisabeth Maurin and Lionel Delanoë

Performance 14 October 2015 at The Bristol Hippodrome English National Ballet

Philharmonic Conductor Gavin Sutherland

Leader Matthew Scrivener


Romeo Isaac Hernández

Juliet Alina Cojocaru

Mercutio Cesar Corrales

Rosaline Alison McWhinney

Benvolio James Forbat

Tybalt James Streeter

Lady Capulet Jane Haworth

Lord Capulet Fabian Reimair

Lady Montague Désirée Ballantyne

Lord Montague Dominic Hickie

Paris Max Westwell

Nurse Tamarin Stott

Friar Lawrence Michael Coleman

Escalus, Prince of Verona Michael Coleman

Father John Grant Rae

All other roles Artists of the Company Students from English National Ballet School


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