Нора. Английский национальный балет


#WednesdayWatchParty continues with Stina Quagebeur’s Nora, a one-act ballet inspired by the lead character in Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House.

Choreography Stina Quagebeur

Music Philip Glass

Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra © 2000 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc.

Used by Permission.

Assistant to the Choreographer Nicola Henshall

Design Louie Whitemore Lighting

Design Trui Malten

Choreographic Mentor Kerry Nicholls

English National Ballet Philharmonic

Conductor Gavin Sutherland

Leader Matthew Scrivener

Soundscape D.J. Walde

Solo Pianist Chris Swithinbank


Nora: Crystal Costa

Torvald: Jeffrey Cirio

Krogstad: Junor Souza

5 Voices: Adela Ramírez, Angela Wood, James Forbat, Francisco Bosch, Henry Dowden

Set built by Bay Productions Ltd

Research and Development Dancers

Sonya Cullingford

Chihiro Kawasaki

Gareth Mole

Stephen Quildan

Jack Thomson


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